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Success of the municipality wireless venture is achieved through the growth of the wireless community, benefiting those who contribute to its implementation and the communities we seek to empower and enhance.  Much like the railroads engineered over a century ago, this network will be a foundation, a springboard for ongoing technological developments.  The cities that accepted and leveraged the value of the railroad early on reaped the rewards of increased commerce and recognition. Citywide WiFi will bring the same but can only succeed by partnering with a company willing to custom design the network to work in your specific municipality, designed for your priorities and needs. WiFi Wireless has the expertise and the ability to build your network, the way you want it, from the ground up. 

Our mission at WiFi Wireless, Inc.

In 1862, Abraham Lincoln signed the Pacific Railway Act, authorizing the first transcontinental railroad in response to the growing need for a system of connectivity that would link the four corners of the country.  The idea opened up new worlds of possibility for travel and commerce to the people of the United States.

But before the installation of a single rail, the engineers of this bold plan tackled the practical roadblocks that could bring the venture to a halt, anticipating potential problems and presenting innovative answers. Each prospective city through which the railroad would pass had a unique landscape, unique terrain, and unique barriers, requiring customized solutions.  Over 150 years later, we still reap the benefits of this tailored design. Technology has changed as steam engines have given way to diesel and electric powered locomotives but the legacy of that quality engineering lives on. 

In the 21st Century, there is  again a call for increased connectivity. Communication and commerce now go hand in hand. Municipality-wide networks are a necessary resource for the foreword thinking communities that will lead us into the future, as our leaders again present new ideas to match the extreme speeds at which information now travels.  Just as the designers of our railroads realized long ago, there is no “one size fits all” model for the engineering of a citywide network. No two cities are exactly alike.  A municipality network’s success hinges on proper engineering, on customization, on a tailored approach for each prospective city through which the network will pass.

Wi-Fi Wireless, Inc. has your customized solution. We will build your network from the ground up, working with each City, Town & Village every step of the way to design a system that fits your needs. 

Latest News & Reports

Keys to Sparking a Muni Wi-Fi Revival

In an interview with AGL Small Cell Link, Ted Abrams, chief technology officer for Wi-Fi Wireless (WFWL), explained how his company’s WiFi My City program will be able to deploy successful municipal Wi-Fi networks, while others have failed.


Read entire Interview at http://www.aglmediagroup.com/keys-to-sparking-a-muni-wi-fi-revival/



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