Smart Ring iOS, Android or Windows

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This smart ring allows your interaction with all NFC enabled phones (IOS, Android or Windows. You can use it to unlock your smart door lock , or your phone and allow quick start ups with your phone.

  • The “NFC” Letters area carries a new NXP smart NFC chip.
  • It has 106 KB/s data transmission, and 100,000 cycles of writing operation durability degree, can store data for 10 years, and effectively guarantee the safety and stability of the data.
  • No need battery charging, it charges wirelessly from the device it is connected to.
  • Waterproof dust-proof and fall-proof

    Brings top speed operation experience to the following mobile NFC features.
  • Multi-function APP(note:only support NFC-enabled phone,And android or Windows phone system)
  • Private Note:
  • Mobile phone lock :
  • Quick start:
  • Share information

Product Features:

  • Amorphous Titanium Alloy , 18K Rose Gold and Epoxy Crystal Ceramic
  • High Speed NFC Dual-core Chips
  • The “I” , ”II” Letters area carries a new High speed smart NFC Dual-core chip
  • Color: Black/White
  • Language: Italian,German,Polish,English,Spanish,Russian,Turkish,Portuguese